For a Key Stage 1 and 2 audience our short films link to the curriculum and are presented by a costumed character in a fun, interactive style.

Roaring Great Dinosaurs

Presented by a Jurassic Park themed character, the film focuses on two of the museums outstanding dinosaurs- the Neovenator and the Cetiosaurus and points out characteristics of these amazing creatures. The film has a strong localised theme with further focus on the Barrow Kipper and the Barwell Meteorite.

Watch the film here

Curriculum links: History, Local Study

Activity resources supporting this film: Dinosaur Gallery Activity Sheet, The Rutland the Dinosaur Activity Pack, The Barwell Meteorite Activity Sheet

Go Wild in Wild Space

The Wild Space Gallery tour is presented by a stereotypical explorer character, complete with binoculars and a safari hat. The character begins with the extinction display case and discusses how the viewer can do little things at home to help with the environment. From there, the character goes to each of the continents and focuses on a couple of animals in each display which we can still see today.

Watch the film here

Curriculum links: Geography, Habitats and Environment

Activity resources supporting this film: Wild Space Activity Sheet, Continents Map

Everlasting Egyptians

The Egyptian film, presented by a costumed Egyptian character, begins the film in the Death Gallery and discusses the process of mummification. In the Life Gallery, the character showcases a variety of real objects such as shabiti’s and amulets and discusses the importance of these in the Egyptian afterlife.

Watch the film here

Curriculum links: History

Activity resources supporting this film: Draw like an Ancient Egyptian, Make an Egyptian Mask

Roman Market Day in Leicester

The Roman film’s narrative is based around a Roman market stall holder trying to sell his goods. When his working day is finished, he heads off to the baths for relaxation. He shows the viewer what he takes with him for his bathing experience, including his sponge on a stick and strigil, explaining how each item is used.

Watch the Film here

Curriculum links: History

Activity resources supporting this film: Roman Object Loans Box