Presented by a costumed character in the Egyptian Galleries at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery, this film begins in the Death Gallery and discusses the process of mummification. In the Life Gallery, the character showcases a variety of real objects such as shabti’s and amulets and discusses the importance of these in the Egyptian afterlife.

Curriculum Enrichment Activity

Key Stage: 2

Venue: Leicester Museum & Art Gallery

Curriculum Links: History, Geography, Environment, Language and Literacy

Duration: 90 minutes

This Sandford Award winning session will give pupils an in depth understanding of life in ancient Egypt. The session is divided up into several sections which have active approaches to engage pupils in discussion, handling artefacts and hands on activities.

  • To find out about the Ancient Egyptians by exploring and accessing the unique collections and resources at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery.
  • To investigate objects using close observation.
  • To engage and utilise a variety of historical thinking, investigation and creative skills through group discussion and individual exploration.

The session outline with suggested Pre and Post Visit Activities can be downloaded here

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