We welcome proposals for future exhibitions 2026+ and please be aware that our 2024 and 2025 exhibitions are already programmed.

Exhibition proposals must support our business plan objectives and fulfil our exhibition criteria.

Our business plan objectives are to:

  • To present a balanced and diverse programme reflecting the interests of local communities and visitors to Leicester.
  • Develop exhibitions and displays which showcase the city’s rich collections.
  • Develop a high quality and high-profile exhibitions programme, featuring the permanent collections and bringing the best national and international art and heritage collections to Leicester.
  • Making the city’s collections accessible through engagement programmes, acquisitions of star exhibits and permanent displays.

If you would like to send us a proposal for an exhibition please first read our Exhibition Proposal Guidelines which explain in great detail the criteria your proposal must meet to be considered. The document also includes information on our temporary exhibition spaces such as sizes and their location within our museum venues.

Once you've read the guidelines and confirmed your proposals meets the criteria please use this form to submit your proposal to a member of the exhibitions team.