Finding The Fallen VE75 - by Loz Atkinson

17 August - 04 November 2020


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Finding The Fallen VE75 - A pilgrim's journey of remembrance, is a multifaceted exhibition exploring ideas of pilgrimage, remembrance and sacrifice.

Finding The Fallen VE75 - by Loz Atkinson

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In July 2019 artist Loz Atkinson set out on a personal journey of remembrance. Loz climbed Monte Zatta in Italy accompanied by Aeronautical Archeologist Francesco Sabini and Photographer Zoe Childerley. Loz and the team visited the crash site of her Great Grandfather’s WW2 Halifax Bomber, registered JP237, where he and the entire crew perished on 24th June 1944.

Coinciding to open on the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day the exhibition explores the universal need to connect with our personal heritage. Discovering how objects turn into relics and hold powerful memories, Loz shows how with time these objects can convey new meaning despite being made from the debris of the past. Artworks on show include recovered WW2 Halifax bomber parts such as a Bristol Hercules engine reworked into sculpture. On display are documentation of work created during the visit and artefacts collected within the terrain of the mountain.

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