Young Creators - Linocut Project

06 - 27 January 2022
16:00 - 18:00

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FREE Young People sessions at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery

Young Creators - Linocut Project

Love art? If you are aged 16 -25 you could work with us to plan, create, and experience new skills in the City’s museums.

You will be involved in the workshops as well as having fun and meeting new people, you will gain new skills. Trust us, it's also going to look great on your CV!

The Young Creators sessions take place on Thursdays 4.00-6.00pm.

These activities are inspired by the exhibitions at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery

Linocut Workshop

Join artist Mandeep Dhadialla on 13th and 20th January a 2 week project.

To learn how to create an original linocut print, from coming up with a design, tool handling, carving and hand printing the designs.

Workshop 1 on Thursday 13th January 2022:

Introduction talk on relief printmaking, with a focus on linocut.

Looking at visual examples of linocut blocks and visual handouts of mark-making achieved in this technique.

Learn how to design an image suitable to an A6 linocut size.

Tool handling exercise on a linocut block. 

Transfer design to linocut block. 

Carve the design ready for printing in the next session.

Workshop 2 on Thursday 20th January 2022:

Introduction talk about different printmaking papers.

Demo on how to ink and print linocut blocks.

Make test prints on proofing papers.

Make final prints on printmaking paper.

Learn how to sign and edition original prints.

All sessions will give you the opportunities to create your own master pieces.

These activities are inspired by the exhibitions at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery

Further information:

COVID-19 measures will be put in place for these sessions.

The sessions will be delivered by the Children and Young People’s Officer, Manjit Garcha and an Artist.


It is essential to register in advance. Please email our Children and Young People's Officer.

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