Young Creators - Clay Project

06 - 27 January 2022
16:00 - 18:00

Free Event

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FREE Young People sessions at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery

Young Creators - Clay Project

Love art? If you are aged 16 -25 you could work with us to plan, create, and experience new skills in the City’s museums.

You will be involved in the workshops as well as having fun and meeting new people, you will gain new skills. Trust us, it's also going to look great on your CV!

The Young Creators sessions take place on Thursdays 4.00-6.00pm.

These activities are inspired by the exhibitions at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery

Clay Workshop

Join artist Emily Hett on 6th and 27th January for a 2 week project.

Project will include an introduction to clay; clay properties/where is comes from and how it is formed, Explaining the stages that clay goes through to become an artwork

Workshop 1 on Thursday 6th January 2022:

Coil Method, Slab building Method, introduction and demonstration to the coil building method

Assembly and demonstration of how to assemble, embellish and create pattern through texture with the clay form.

Think about the artwork that they would like to create

Workshop 2 on Thursday 27th January 2022:

Introduction to slip - What slip is and how you can apply the slip to create different patterns and surface decoration.

Demonstration of how to apply slip using brushes/found materials/carving.

Construct a form using the hand building techniques learnt from the previous week to construct a form to decorate using slip

Introduction to glazing. as your pieces dry, introduce you to glaze, how it works, what it is made of and how it is applied.

Decoration: Begin to glaze your fired pieces from the last workshop.

Slip Decoration experiment with slip painting your new pieces.

Further information:

COVID-19 measures will be put in place for these sessions.

The sessions will be delivered by the Children and Young People’s Officer, Manjit Garcha and an Artist.


It is essential to register in advance. Please email our Children and Young People's Officer.

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