Mindful Mondays at the Museum

Health and Wellbeing
29 January - 22 April 2024
12:00 - 13:00


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Event Description

Join us for a mindful hour of object handling and slow looking

Mindful Mondays at the Museum

Mindful Mondays at the Museum

Fortnightly Mondays, 12noon - 1pm on the following dates:

  • 26th February

‘Join us this week as we take a deep breath, slow down and have a closer look at just one photograph from the ‘This Golden Mile’ (Kavi Pujara) temporary exhibition which beautifully documents the people and homes of this iconic area of Leicester. In this activity, we will approach our photograph, and the emotions, thoughts, and sensations it nurtures with an attitude of mindful curiosity.’

  • 11th March

  • 25th March

  • 8th April

  • 22nd April

We’ve all found ourselves rushing through a museum, just as we often rush through life, jumping from label to label, artwork to artefact, never quite taking the time we should to focus on, and appreciate what’s in front of us, in the here and now.

The Mindful Mondays at the Museum programme invites you to do just that; to slow down, take a deep breath, and centre your attention on just one item of Leicester Museum and Art Gallery’s fascinating and diverse collection of artworks and artefacts from around the world.

In this mindful museum session you will have the opportunity to mindfully handle an object from the collection or be invited to mindfully look at an artwork within one of the gallery spaces. As you handle or look at the item, we will guide you through a meditative mindfulness breathing exercise and provide you with a platform to share any thoughts, sensations, or feelings that arise from your experience; all within a mindful environment that will seek to nurture calm, openness, and non-judgement.

Price: £3 per session, book online.

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