Quilting Conversations - Leicester Global City Quilt

Leicester Museums and Galleries invite you to stitch a square for our Global City Quilt, to be displayed in the city libraries and community spaces over 2023. 

Published: 1 September 2022

Get involved

Leicester Museums and Galleries invite you to free workshops at community centres and libraries across the city, to stitch a square for our Global City Quilt to represent yourself and your identity.
This could include where you or your family first came from, what is important to you, something you believe in, or just what makes you happy!

You can add words with permanent marker and stitch over them, cut and stick shapes of different fabrics, add lace, sequins, buttons, or ribbon, paint and stitch into the picture, or even bring a photo to print out onto fabric.

You can hand stitch or use one of our sewing machines. All materials will be provided free of charge.

Later the squares will be sewn together to make a Global Leicester quilt to be displayed in the city libraries and community spaces over 2023.


Slow Stitch - a mindful activity to relax and chat with other stitchers while creating your square.


Contact 07999 840 140 or email linda.harding@leicester.gov.uk to book your place at the following workshops.

You need to be able to come to all three workshops (or two at a minimum) as one workshop will not give you time to finish your square.

  • New Parks Library
    Mondays 26th September, 3rd October and 10th October
    1pm to 3pm

  • Beaumont Leys Library
    Wednesdays 28th September, 5th October and 12th October
    1pm to 3pm

  • Pork Pie Library
    Thursdays 29th September, 6th October and 13th October
    10:30am to 12:30pm

  • St. Matthews Neighbourhood Centre
    Mondays 24th October, 31st October and 7th November
    1pm to 3pm

  • The Brite Centre
    Thursdays 27th October, 3rd November and 10th November
    1pm to 3pm

  • Leicester Museum and Art Gallery
    Tuesdays 25th October, 1st November and 8th November
    10:30am to 12:30pm

One-off workshops to complete your square in one session:

  • Highfields Library
    Friday 7th October
    11:00am to 1:00pm

  • Leicester Central Library
    Thursday 17th November
    1pm to 4pm

Make at home

If you can’t come to the workshops, you can still take part.

Bring or post your finished piece to Leicester Museum and Art Gallery or take a photo and email it to museums@leicester.gov.uk with the subject ‘Quilting Conversations’.

Your piece should be 26cm square with an extra 1cm border all round for stitching the quilt together later.


Quilting Conversations Inspiration