Steam & Seeds

01 April - 04 June 2023



An exhibition at Highcross by Leicester artist and print maker Mandeep Dhadialla.

Steam & Seeds

Exhibition location: Highcross Shopping Centre, Upper Mall Corridor (to the right of Zara retail unit) 5 Shires Lane, Leicester, LE1 4AN

Steam & Seeds is an exhibition of prints illustrating a story of wastewater management through the lens of plants and Victorian engineering.

Inspired by Abbey Pumping Station, Dhadialla has created images that reference the station’s interconnected themes of industrialisation, the environment and water usage.

Opened in 1891, Abbey Pumping Station was built to improve the sewage system and hygiene of Leicester’s increasing population. Using four magnificent, steam-powered beam engines, the station cleaned the environment. Waste from the sewers was pumped to a sewage farm in Beaumont Leys, where it was recycled into fertiliser for agriculture.

Mandeep Dhadialla is an artist and printmaker. Moving from Kenya to England in her teenage years, Dhadialla uses her experiences of finding home to create artwork. She explores how people and the landscape are in an interconnected exchange.


  • Tue 11th April: Creative Bookmaking, at Abbey Pumping Station
    Free hands-on printmaking and bookmaking workshop with artist Mandeep Dhadialla.
    The original prints will also be on display throughout. 


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