South Africa in the 1970s - Photographs by Steve Bloom

04 February - 14 May 2023



This touring exhibition captures the poignant era in South Africa’s history of enforced racial segregation.

South Africa in the 1970s - Photographs by Steve Bloom

Photographer Steve Bloom, took to the streets and the townships, photographing people at this pivotal historical period. In his images, he manages to capture the complex emotional essence of the time South Africa began to experience unstoppable protest.

Bloom’s work in apartheid South Africa, poignant and moving, reveals the alienation of a country on the cusp of change, placing Bloom among the select few photographers who caught the mood of the people.

As well as black and white photographs, the exhibition includes artefacts from the British Anti-Apartheid Movement and anti-apartheid posters from the era.

The exhibition previously toured to Canterbury’s Beaney Gallery.


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