Panel Q&A: Collaborative Art Practices

20 November 2022
13:00 - 15:00

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Event Description

A free group discussion with artists who use collaborative methods

Panel Q&A: Collaborative Art Practices

Group discussion on collaborative art practices. Panellists will share their experiences of co-creating, why it is important and the different ways of working with others. Panellists include artists Assunta Ruocco, Dinosaur Kilby and Khush Kali. Short activities will also take place in the event.

Assunta Ruocco is an artist and researcher based in Nottingham, UK. During the pandemic, Assunta developed a project with her daughter, Louise, that explores collaboration through blending art making and care giving, while interrogating artistic expertise and studio dynamics.

Artist-curator, Dinosaur Kilby works at Eastside Projects. He set up and runs Cheap Cheap, an artist-led space in Birmingham. Dinosaur also has his own solo practice working across mediums and is also a founding member of Kühle Wampe, a collaborative group based across the Midlands.

Artist Khush Kali uses patterns, images and rituals to explore identity, cultural heritage, personal history and the everyday experience of the urban environment. Khush is committed to inclusive and accessible art-making for all and facilitates art workshops for children, young people and elders.

If you have any questions that you would like to be put forward to the panellists for discussion, you can email them in advance to Amrit Doll.

Image credit for Dinosaur Kilby image: Dinosaur Kilby portrait, 2022, photo credit: Ashley Carr

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