February 2021 - updates on the Jewry Wall Project

Published: 9 February 2021

Work is underway on the first stage of an ambitious project to transform the site of Leicester’s biggest Roman ruins into a world-class visitor centre.
The first phase includes the creation of a new walkway to provide level access to the former Vaughan College entrance from St Nicholas Circle along with refurbishment of the windows and roof, and the construction of a new entrance and rear lobby.

The structural work started in November 2020 and is expected to continue until December 2021. The work will respect the heritage of the Grade II listed building, with features such as the new walkway drawing upon the design features created back in the 1960s by the building’s original architect, Trevor Dannatt.

Meanwhile work is continuing with Leicester-based Haley Sharpe Design on how the interior of the new museum will look. New displays will tell the story of the Jewry Wall site and everyday life in Roman Leicester, immersing visitors as they travel back in time to explore the baths complex and discover other locations at the heart of city life.

Technology will be used to breathe life into the stories of citizens from Roman Leicester – which was known as Ratae Corielavorum – giving visitors the chance to find out what life in the city would have been like nearly 2,000 years ago.

The displays will also feature items from the city’s museum collections, including treasures which survived for many years buried under Leicester’s streets and buildings before being rediscovered through archaeological investigations.

Plans include a new café overlooking the Jewry Wall which would be open to all visitors. The main lecture hall on the upper floor is intended to be both part of the museum experience when the attraction is open, and capable of staging meetings, performances and other events during the evenings when the museum is shut.

Check Leicester Museums & Galleries News for regular updates on the progress of the project.