Community Space Consultation – Cultural Partners

To develop a new space in the Museum, we contacted individuals and cultural partners to see what visitors thought of the current exhibits and future themes for the community exhibition. We got a great range of responses about what was missing and new ideas to focus on, and will be incorporating these into an upcoming gallery to share with the people of Leicester and its visitors.

"Somewhere where people feel that they can visit any time of the year, not just when they have an exhibition about their own culture."

"Conversations that challenge people and explore current issues"

"Telling the stories of our cities"

Highcross pop-up museums

When sending our collections and volunteers into the wider community, we like to take the opportunity to talk to visitors and find out what they think about our galleries and what they would like to see.

We hosted pop-up museums in October 2019 and February 2020 and several themes emerged from our conversations including the following:

  • Emphasis on One Leicester - a sense of belonging
  • Moving here - how different communities settles in the city
  • Physical interactives such as object handling or dressing up
  • How Leicester has changed in the recent past

Black Presence Explored

Black Presence Explored is a project which looks at works of art and sculpture depicting black people in the museum collections at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery. The project is featured in our News section where you can read poems, view the images and see a video presentation of the responses to the artworks by local people.

If you would like to submit a short poem in response to one of the artworks, please email it in to our public consultation team.