Climate Change Young Creatives: Online Exhibition

This summer young people have been getting creative about climate change!

View their creative work, including the winning entries, here in this online exhibition.

Published: 13 September 2021

The Competition

This summer we asked the children and young people of Leicester to create artworks that express their feelings and observations about climate change and the natural world. Climate change is a very important subject to all of us, but particularly to the young people in our society because they will be the ones to see the impact it has in the future.

Young people could submit creative entries of any kind, and we received work from a wide range of mediums including drawings, paintings, poems and cartoons. The competition was split in to two age groups, and entries were judged by a Young Creators Group panel.

Competition Results

The judging panel was particularly impressed by the strong messages about climate change issues on display - some were direct and powerful, while other messages were more subtle or had a little fun. The panel decided on two poems as the overall winners in each age group.

Ages 5 - 11 Winner:

Our Earth by Aran age 6

It's not fair,
We all need to care,
And look after our precious air,
Let's stop cutting down trees,
And look after our beautiful seas,
Let's all go green,
To make the Earth a wonderful scene,
The Earth needs us more than ever,
Let's work together!

Ages 12 - 18 Winner:

Without a Care by Simi age 13

The world was burning, and no one seemed to care,
Governments did nothing, and it didn’t seem fair.
The world was drowning, and no one seemed to care,
Polar bears were struggling, and fish? They were dead.
The world was warming, and no one seemed to care,
The air was suddenly sultry, but citizens thought it was an occurrence that was rare.
The world was dying, and no one seemed to care,
They had heard about it, though they felt no despair
Feelings of fear became more and more common, as the days progressed,
A sudden longing for how it had once been, cosy and warm in their beds.
The world was now ending, and people started to run,
Maybe if they had done more, this wouldn’t have begun.

Congratulations to Aran and Simi, who both won a brand new camera for their work.

Climate Change Exhibition

Leicester Museums & Galleries and the Young Creators Group would like to thank all of the children and young people for taking part in this year's creative competition.

You can view, enjoy and discuss all of their work in the galleries below.

Ages 5 - 11

Ages 12 - 18