Curriculum Enrichment Activity

Key Stage: 4+

Venue: Leicester Museum & Art Gallery

Curriculum Links: History, Art & Design

Duration: 90 minutes

The objects used in this session relate to the fascinating story behind why some of this art first came to Leicester and the conditions under which many of the artists lived.

  • Understand how Leicester Museums & Galleries have come to have a significant collection of German Expressionism artworks.
  • Understand the background of German Expressionism and how the movement originated.
  • Understand the term ’degenerate’ and understand the struggles artists faced in Nazi Germany.
  • To work in groups to encourage discussion and investigation.
  • Learn about German Expressionism and why some of this art came to Leicester.
  • Learn about some of the conditions in which many artists lived under the Nazi regime.
  • Examine replica artefacts and documents to answer questions and to engage in discussion.

The session outline with suggested Pre and Post Visit Activities can be downloaded here

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