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This film focuses on two of the museums outstanding dinosaurs- the Neovenator and the Cetiosaurus and points out characteristics of these amazing creatures. The film has a strong localised theme with further focus on the Barrow Kipper and the Barwell Meteorite

Curriculum Enrichment Activity

Key Stage: 1

Venue: Leicester Museum & Art Gallery

Curriculum Links: History, Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Science

Duration: 90 minutes

Children will engage in hands-on activities to explore how we find out and learn about dinosaurs. The session focuses on the specific differences between two of our dinosaurs on display which have contrasting characteristics.

  • To increase general understanding of the dinosaurs and how they lived.
  • To understand that dinosaurs were not all the same to each other.
  • To understand that we can learn about dinosaurs from fossils.
  • To understand that dinosaurs lived on the earth a long time before humans.

The session outline with suggested Pre and Post Visit Activities can be downloaded here:

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