Cyanotype Photography for Beginners

01 June - 11 August 2024
11:00 - 14:00


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Event Description

An interesting and fun photographic process

Cyanotype Photography for Beginners

Photographic artist Dean Leivers uses the historic Cyanotype photographic process to create handmade images that allow us space and time to reflect on our environment and our place within it. 

Dean will be leading two workshops:

  • Saturday 1st June, 11am to 2pm

  • Sunday 11th August, 11am to 2pm

Cyanotype prints are made by creating light sensitive surfaces, coating materials with chemicals that change colour when exposed to UV light. Placing materials on the surface (EG dust, earth, plants) we can leave behind an impression of the objects.

Join Dean for a workshop to learn all about the process through hands-on experience, whilst creating your own Cyanotype print along with the history of this historically important and creatively inspiring approach to photography.

Key features:

  • 3-hour workshop

  • Artist-led activity

  • Combined theory, practice, and independent work

  • Suitable for adults aged 16 years and up

  • Workshop housed in the grounds and artist dome

In this workshop Dean will take you through:

  • A science demonstration exploring the process of chemical mixing to create light sensitive surfaces

  • Mix your chemicals and paint your own paper to create the light sensitive print paper

  • Mindful walks and exploration of the grounds to consider the environment and collect specific items for print-making

  • Experimental time to play with composition whilst creating your own cyanotype prints

  • The history of the process (science context, art history, botany and social history) 

  • Contemporary uses of analogue photography

  • Washing the prints and taking them away with you

  • Resources to leave the workshop with to continue your practice at home

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