Last year Leicester City Council commissioned artist Anuradha Patel to design a sculpture that marks the 50th Anniversary of Ugandan Asian migration. The artwork will be installed in a new landscaped, shared space on Belgrave Circle.

This project has been developed in recognition of all migrating families who have made Leicester their home, celebrating the city’s proud history of welcoming refugees.

We are inviting community members to be part of this exciting project with an open appeal. We have endeavoured to make contributing to this initiative as inclusive as possible, there are four different levels of sponsorship available, or the option for personal donations of any amount.

Everyone that pledges a donation will be acknowledged in a commemorative book accompanying the artwork.

Click the images below to read more about each sponsorship level or if you would like to pledge a different amount, click the donation link at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to pledge a different amount, click the donation link here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will my donation be used?

All donations made to the platform will be spent on the landscaping of the area around the Public Artwork.

  1. How long is the donations platform going to be live?

The donation platform is currently live and will stay live with no end date decided.

  1. What is the closing date for donations?

Currently there is no closing date.

  1. What information can I provide with my donation?

For all sponsorship levels, the name of your Ugandan hometown can be provided. If given, this will be included in the commemorative book accompanying the sculpture.

For sponsorship levels Silver, Gold and Platinum, family names are also requested.

  1. Can I have personal names instead of family names?

All engraving options have a maximum of 21 characters, this is due to available space for each engraved name. Each engraved name will display on one line, you may want to include your family surname e.g. ‘The Popat family’ or first names e.g. ‘Pritesh & Renuka Patel’. Please note name formations that exceed 21 characters would require an additional donation.

  1. If my family name is the same as someone else’s how will we know which one represents our donation?

When donations are made a unique reference is generated which will identify which family names relate to which donation. Once the landscaping and engraving is complete, you will be provided with a guide showing you exactly where your family name appears.

  1. How will the level of my donation be represented?

Recognition of all individuals’ contributions to the project will be represented in a commemorative book, regardless of the donation amount. Donors’ Ugandan hometowns will also be included in the book.

For donations that include engraved names there are three categories of display. Silver Sponsors (between £350 and £2,999) will have their name engraved in standard colour, small font. Gold Sponsors (between £3,000 and £4,999) will have their name engraved in Gold colour, medium font. Platinum sponsors (£5,000 and above) will have their name engraved in Platinum colour, large font.

  1. Can I make a donation to the project without having my name engraved?

Yes, engraved names are optional for any donation option that is £350 or above. The donation platform will offer a choice whether or not to submit your name for engraving.

  1. Can I make a donation to the project without giving the name of my Ugandan hometown?

Yes, providing the name of your Ugandan hometown is optional. The donation platform will offer you a choice whether to provide it.

  1. Can I make a donation to the project that isn’t a stated amount?

Yes, the donation platform has been designed to accept donations of any level, this includes amounts below £10.00 and above £5,000.

  1. What happens if the donation platform exceeds the amount envisaged for the project, what will happen to the funds?

If the donation platform receives more donations than is required, the money raised would support ongoing engagement to develop a fitting legacy for the project.

A consultation process between Leicester City Council, local stakeholders and community members, would be undertaken to explore the most beneficial way to achieve this.

  1. How do I keep up to date with developments, relevant news and future activities linked to this project?

You can stay up to date with the project through Museums & Galleries social media and news stories. If you have a specific question about this project, please email

  1. When is the Artwork going to be installed?

The artwork installation is taking place during 2023. Some landscaping aspects such as bulb and tree planting, will be carried out according to seasonal planting advice.

Where did the funding for the UG50 Public Artwork come from?

The funding for Sculptural Gateway, including the commissioning of the artist and the fabrication and install of the artwork, was funded by Leicester City Council. The public artwork is part a wider programme of Uganda 50 engagement that contributes to the City Mayor’s vision to recognise the 50th Anniversary of Ugandan Asian migration to Leicester, and acknowledge the contribution and positive impact made by families and individuals who have migrated to Leicester and chosen to make it their home.