The Cultural Ambition Fund (CAF) is designed to support arts and heritage projects that take place within Leicester and engage any members of the Leicester community. Projects must be for arts or heritage related activities or events and meet one or more of the following aims:

  • Our communities connect through a sense of pride, place and identity
  • New work is created, new talent is nurtured and new ways are found for self-expression
  • Every child and young person will thrive through a rich and adventurous cultural education
  • Economic growth will flourish through investment, enterprise and business development.

We are proud of the organisations CAF has supported to celebrate the city’s creative and cultural diversity. Leicester streets have been animated with activities and projects including theatre, visual arts, spoken work, live music production, cultural dance, and international film.

CAF projects have seen Leicester’s older residents taking part in programmes designed to spark the creativity of our senior citizens and our younger community have enjoyed under-five’s movement and music workshops. CAF has also supported artist studio education programmes and a myriad of arts classes and workshops for children and young people.

Cultural Ambition Fund Gallery

The CAF scheme runs from April to March each year, check out the full CAF Guidelines for details information on the scheme and how to apply. If you believe you are planning a project that fulfils the criteria, you can apply for funding by filling out the online application.