Belgrave Hall

Follow in the steps of the team from TVs Most Haunted and find out why Belgrave Hall and Gardens is our best known haunted house.

Built in 1709-1713 the presence of figures has been reported in several rooms in the house. People have experienced being touched or prodded throughout the building, with many reports relating to the old dining room.

The nursery has also been the site of several reports, notably of a shy, sad young girl and owners John Ellis and Edmund Cradock have both been sensed, the latter a not entirely welcoming host.

Begin with one of our assistants on an informal tour of the hall and then commence your vigil. Afterwards retreat to the safety of our stable block where refreshments are available.

Leicester Guildhall cells

Leicester Guildhall cells

Leicester Guildhall

With 600 years of history, Leicester Guildhall has stood through many traumatic moments.

Fight your fears as the shadows close in within the ancient rooms of this haunted building, and spend the evening looking for the ghosts.

Characters reported to have manifested themselves include a powerfully-built surgeon; a child, Sarah, accused of stealing apples; a dog; a man in the library (with its moving bible); and a Victorian prostitute, Lucy.

Start with an informal tour of the hall with one of our assistants, taking in the Victorian cells, the Great Hall, the Mayor’s parlour, the jury room and the library.

If you need to get away from the ghostly stirrings, head to the safe space at reception where refreshments can be served.

Abbey Pumping Station

The shadows of Leicester’s industrial past loom large over the imposing Abbey Pumping Station, as does the presence of Robert Richardson, a ghostly engineer. Explore in the twilight and see if you can sense his spirit.

Explore the four magnificent Gimson beam engines, and displays on the City’s industrial, technological and scientific heritage, to see if you can detect the presence of those who made and used them.

If you dare, come and explore the grounds after dark, safe in the knowledge that you can retreat to the Education Room for refreshments.

Please note that this site closes to the public during November-January, but bookings are welcome throughout the year.

New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

Since opening as a museum in 1849 millions of people have visited, studied and worked at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery; are some of their spirits reluctant to leave?

We have many reports of mysterious footsteps being heard in the old school area, late at night when the building is being locked and no one else is in the museum. Members of the public say that they have seen the ghost of a small man wandering the stairs and parlour near the Lord Mayor’s Room.

Dare you explore this museum at night? As our Ancient Egyptian exhibition contains human remains, this area is not open for paranormal investigation, but the rest of the museum building awaits you, if you dare.

Newarke Houses

The two Sixteenth Century houses which make up Newarke Houses have a long history from the Elizabethan era to the present day.

There have been many reports of sightings, including an Elizabethan gentleman who appears from the wooden panelling in the Gimson Room then disappears through an adjacent wall. A small boy dressed in a Victorian sailor suit seen inside the Jacobean fireplace and a figure in a long, dark, clerical cloak, at the top of the staircase walking towards the window. Outside, are soldiers from the Civil War still lurking in the shadows of the garden wall?

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