What's In Store... Millennium Triptych

What's in store... interesting objects from Leicester Museums & Galleries Stores.

Published: 3 July 2020

Fiona: conservation officer

Twenty years ago, the Leicestershire Embroiderers’ Guild were busy designing and stitching this wonderful embroidery, to commemorate the turn of the century. The three panels depict the people, history, countryside and industry of Leicestershire.

One panel shows a number of historic figures with local connections, including Lady Jane Grey, Thomas Cook, Ernest Gimson the designer and Mary Linwood the embroiderer. Going further back in time, the Romans who came to live in Leicester are represented by a beautifully detailed mosaic pavement. Places well known to Leicester audiences today include Bradgate Park and Leicester Museum & Art Gallery.

A large oak tree dominates the central panel, providing a home for many types of wildlife, including the bright red toadstools, a furry caterpillar, a snail and a delicate butterfly.

The third panel illustrates many local industries such as mining and engineering, clock and bell making, along with footwear, hosiery and textiles. A few more iconic buildings are included like the colourful Turkey Café, the Clocktower and of course Leicester Market.

See if you can spot the badge of the Leicestershire Regiment with its symbol of a tiger, the farmer driving his tractor and the decorated coffin of an Egyptian Mummy.

This was donated to Leicester Museums where it was displayed for a number of years at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery and has more recently been on display at Newarke Houses Museum.