What's In Store... Man's Glove

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Published: 15 June 2020

Seventeenth century man’s glove

This is a real treasure from the collection. Made from white kid leather, this man’s glove is highly embroidered in coloured silks, metal threads and decorated with metal sequins.

In great detail, it illustrates a kingfisher perched on a branch over a stretch of flowing water along with other water birds.

The glove is more decorative than practical. It would have been extremely expensive to make and the work would have been carried out by professional needle workers.

The long thin fingers were designed to draw attention to the hand and the glove was probably worn as a status symbol.

Fabrics and clothing objects are extremely delicate and prone to fading, particularly coloured silk. This 300+ year old glove is in such good condition and the colours are still vibrant making a very special item indeed.