Object of the Month: October 2023

‘Take Me Home’ sculptural glass bag

Published: 27 September 2023

'Take Me Home'

Screen printed glass

By Anthony Amoako-Attah (b.1989)  

Photo of the item 'Take Me Home'


This piece, entitled ‘Take me Home’, is based on the woven red, white and blue plastic bags that became known derogatorily as ‘Ghana Must Go’ bags due to their use by Ghanaians who were forcefully expelled from Nigeria in 1983.

It was made by Anthony Amoako-Attah, a Ghanaian-born artist who is currently based in Sunderland. He describes his practice as follows:

I manipulate glass to look like woven fabric by screen printing and kiln-forming with glass powders. My work explores themes related to the effects of migration, dislocation, and personal identity using traditional Kente designs and Adinkra symbols from Ghana”.

Presented by the Contemporary Art Society with assistance from the City of Leicester Museums Trust, 2023.

The Object of the Month can be seen in person throughout October (from Monday 2nd October) 2023 at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery.