Object of the Month: November 2023

President and Chairman’s Medals:
Leicester Caledonian Society, 1877-2022

Published: 27 October 2023

Leicester Caledonian Society Medals

President’s Medal, 1930
Chairman’s Medal, 1951
Silver, gold, enamel, textile, wood

Donated by the Trustees of Leicester Caledonian Society

Chosen by Gina Ferrier, past Hon. Secretary


The Society was formed in 1877 to enable isolated professional ex-pat Scots to meet and celebrate their cultural traditions in Leicester. Here they formed friendships that often lasted generations.

In its heyday, Society events included Burns Nights, Hogmanay, Scottish Country Dancing classes and Ashbourne’s Highland Games, all of which were well supported. Venues included the Grand Hotel and De Montfort Hall (one of which had 1,000 guests at one event). The decline in membership was partly due to the general loss of support and interest that is widespread today and our Final Gathering celebration was on the 26th March 2022. A small group called ‘The Caledonian Dancers’ are still active.

The Objects of the Month can be seen in person throughout November 2023 at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery.