Leicester Community Legends

Published: 9 July 2021

Who are Leicester Community Legends?

Community Legends are people who have:

  1. made a considerable contribution to Leicester life
  2. made their contribution within living memory - from the 1950s onwards
  3. have not made this contribution as part of a high-profile job or political role

We are not looking for famous people or those in important jobs, but for people who have worked to benefit the people of Leicester.

Who can nominate a Community Legend?

Anyone who lives in the city of Leicester can nominate Community Legends.

How will Community Legends be displayed?

20 Leicester Community Legends will be featured as part of the new Leicester Stories exhibition at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery at 53 New Walk, Leicester LE1 7EA. There will be a photograph and maximum 50 words of text to describe each Legend. The exhibition will open in April 2022 and there will be the opportunity for exhibition visitors to suggest more Legends.

How and when can I nominate a Leicester Community Legend?

The deadline for nominating Community Legends has now passed. If you have any enquiries about the Leicester Stories project please contact the Project Manager on clare.hudson@leicester.gov.uk.

How will Community Legends be chosen?

  • Our first 20 Legends to appear in the Leicester Stories Gallery will be selected by the Co-production Group for the Leicester Stories Gallery. This Co-production Group is made up of people from Leicester who are developing the exhibition themes and content.
  • We will check all links to see that the nominated Legend fits the criteria and that the nominator is from Leicester.
  • The Co-production group will then choose a range of Legends who represent Leicester’s population and have made a contribution across a range of areas such as sports, business, arts and charitable activities.
  • You will also be able to submit further suggestions as part of the Leicester Stories exhibition once it is open in April 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I nominate someone who was born in Leicester but doesn’t live here any more? - Yes, but they do need to have made a contribution to the city and its people.
  2. Do Leicester Legends need to be alive? - No, but they need to have made a contribution to the city since 1950.