Guildhall Watercolours - New Acquisitions

Published: 10 January 2022

The term “New Acquisitions” refers to the latest objects that have come into the museum collection. Leicester Museums & Galleries has been constantly adding to its collection since 1849. We do this to ensure that the collection remains representative of the stories of Leicester’s diverse communities, as well as reflecting the city’s unique places, arts, and heritage.

The museum usually receives new acquisitions in one of three ways: by donation, bequest, or purchase. Donations are gifts from the general public, local businesses, or organisations, and are the most common way we gain objects. Bequests are items left to the museum by a person in their will. Occasionally, the museum will purchase an item, for example an artwork or an important historical treasure, to bring it into public ownership and preserve it for future generations.

These three beautiful watercolours have been recently donated to Leicester Museums & Galleries by Stuart Murdock. They can be seen in early 2022 at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery.

New Acquisitions Gallery