Community Engagement Tours of the Egypt Gallery

Published: 10 June 2020

Many community groups have enjoyed an in-depth tour of the Ancient Egypt exhibition at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery, learning about life and death in Ancient Egypt through exploring everyday objects on display. On a tour for Somali ladies we learned that the large 3,000 year-old clay pots are the same as those used today in villages in Somalia. We are not always the experts - sometimes museums can learn from the groups we work with!

The Pukaar group is a local group of talented artists, creative women whose physical disabilities do not stop them from taking full advantage of the opportunities life offers. Here they are enjoying discovering about life in Ancient Egypt before taking part in art workshops inspired by Ancient Egypt.

A group of carers from Ansaar and friends from Ageing Together are pictured taking part in a silk painting workshop using images from Ancient Egyptian mummy cases following a tour of the exhibition. Tours and activities which bring the objects and exhibitions to life are both interesting and educational, and are good for our health and wellbeing.