School Holidays: Children's Birds Gallery Trail

Why not take part in a Birds trail during the school holidays? Download this fun trail and be inspired by the birds and winged creatures in the museum collections!
Younger children can simply search for the bird themed collections around the museum, and there are questions to answer for older age groups.

Leicester Stories Gallery

A new permanent Gallery created with people from Leicester about the city’s achievements and challenges over the past 70 years.

Leicester people have selected the exhibition themes, told their own stories, proposed the milestone events and donated some of the objects featured in this new Gallery. Other content has been created by Leicester creatives and artists Jess Green (poem), Leonie DuBarry-Gurr (photography) and ImageNova (film) working with people from the city.

Come and add your thoughts about the city’s challenges and achievements.

Leicester Stories Gallery

Leicester Stories Gallery

Dinosaur Gallery

Then explore lost worlds in our Dinosaur Gallery, which shows what Jurassic life was like in Great Britain many millions of years ago. Highlights include the 15 metre Rutland Dinosaur and the Barrow Kipper, a marine reptile that was the first of its kind to be discovered. The Geology Gallery next door features the oldest fossil in the museum, Charnia, with a stunning display of other fossils, minerals and animal skeletons to illustrate geological methods of investigation.

Leicester Museum & Art Gallery

Life and Death in Ancient Egypt

Walk up the grand spiral staircase, inspired by an ammonite fossil, and into the Life and Death in Ancient Egypt galleries. There you will see the most important collection of ancient Egyptian objects in the East Midlands. The galleries feature four mummified ancient Egyptians and contain figurines, canopic jars and fragments of the Book of the Dead to shed light on how the ancient Egyptians viewed death and the afterlife.

Victorian Art Gallery

The beautiful Victorian Gallery displays a range of portraits and landscapes dating up to the 19th century and the Arts & Crafts Gallery features the work of Leicester-born designer Ernest Gimson. Our stunning collection of Picasso Ceramics was kindly donated by Lord and Lady Attenborough from their private collection.

German Expressionist Art Gallery

The Museum also houses Leicester’s internationally renowned collection of German Expressionism art in the Expressionism: The Total Artwork Gallery. This important collection began after the end of the Second World War with a bold exhibition of ‘Mid European Art’ in 1944. Other galleries include a World Arts and Community Gallery, and a varied programme of temporary and touring exhibitions.

Children's Activity Resources

We have a selection of activity packs for you to print at home and bring along on your visit to Leicester Museum & Art Gallery.

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