Key Stage: 1

Curriculum links: History, Language and Literacy, Science, Mathematics

This handling resource contains replica and original artefacts from Victorian times to the present day. Children will discover how toys have changed over time and how we can tell if they are old or new. Through touching and observing the toys and games, encourage children to describe, discuss, ask and answer questions such as; is the toy old or new? What is it made of? How do you play with it? How is it the same or different from toys today?

Learning outcomes:

  • Handle real and replica objects
  • Evaluate information
  • Encourage working together and to contribute within a small group or whole class discussion
  • Collect relevant information, to sort, classify, compare
  • Develop enquiry skills and ask relevant questions

The box is available to collect from Leicester Museum & Art Gallery and costs £55.00 for a two-week loan.



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Please download and read our guidelines before using the object handling boxes.