Key Stage: 2

Curriculum links: History, Art and Design, English, Science, Geography

Introducing changes in Britain during the Stone Ages this resource includes original and replica objects for students to handle and explore. Students are invited to ask historical questions about the development of tools, creation of artworks and how a fragment of a Mammoth’s tooth and reindeer hide can provide evidence of daily life during the Stone Ages. Students can use these objects as inspiration for learning about the technological and climate changes that occurred during the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic times and introduce life of hunter gathers through to early farming.

Learning outcomes:

  • Introduce the stone ages and introduce the lives of Mesolithic and Neolithic hunter-gatherers to early farmers, and how tools changed over time
  • Know that environments change, and that can lead to an extinction of some animals
  • Understand that historical knowledge is dependent on evidence available
  • To know some of the features and materials of stone age artwork

The box is available to collect from Leicester Museum & Art Gallery and costs £55.00 for a two-week loan.



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Please download and read our guidelines before using the object handling boxes.