Curriculum Enrichment Activity

Key Stage: 2 & 3

Venue: Leicester Guildhall

Curriculum Links: History, Citizenship, Language and Literacy

Duration: 120 minutes

Pupils will learn about what happens in the courtroom and about how crime and punishment has changed through time. Pupils will also debate Richard III’s kingship and his legal reforms.

  • To state different roles in a courtroom and what that person does.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of how the courts try a case.
  • Have an understanding of the reign of Richard III and express an opinion on whether he was a good or a bad king.
  • To be able to describe changes in crime and punishment through time and associate punishments with the correct era.
  • Pupils will have experienced handling real artefacts from a museum collection.

The session outline with suggested Pre and Post Visit Activities can be downloaded here

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