Growing Food with Leicester Museums & Galleries

Museums have interesting things to do inside but there are many activities that take place outside too.

This film will show you what you can enjoy outside at Abbey Pumping Station. Watch the film for tips and a demonstration to start growing your own food at home.

Making a Memory Box

Museums and objects can be used to trigger memories. This film provides practical advice and inspiring ideas to create a memory box for yourself or someone you care for. Watch this film to explore how special and everyday objects in our lives can inspire memories that can be shared with friends and family.

Museum Memory Trail Films

Objects in Museums can start conversations about how people lived and how much has changed over the years. The 3 films introduce you to 10 objects in Leicester Museum & Art Gallery, Newarke Houses and Abbey Pumping Station. Watch the films below to show you how to start conversations, share memories and connect with friends and family.

After watching the films, the trails are available to download and print at home from here:

Newarke Houses Memory Trail Film:

Leicester Museum & Art Gallery Memory Trail Film:

Abbey Pumping Station Memory Trail Film: