Expand your horizons

We use the museum exhibitions, collections and spaces at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery to engage and inspire young people to explore, question, develop new skills and be creative.

How can I get involved?

There will be a regular meet up on Thursdays, 4.00-6.00pm at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery.

Please see our What's On pages for session dates.

The Young Creators sessions will run termly, and you will have the chance to:

  • Work alongside a range of different artists, curators, and practitioners.
  • Create and plan innovative projects, events and career-driven workshops.
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem, helping you make sense of the world.
  • Meet new young people working towards making positive creative changes in our communities.
  • Gain invaluable skills to add to your CV.
  • Attend exhibition openings and talks.
  • Gain an Arts Award qualification.
  • Become a volunteer.

It is essential to register in advance. Please email our Children and Young People's Officer.

Essential information

Do I need any qualifications, skills, knowledge or experience?

No, everyone is welcome!

Do I have to attend every meeting?

It is helpful if you can attend regularly so we can build relationships and work as a team. We understand that with exams and other pressures, this isn’t always possible.

Who runs the sessions?

The sessions are run by Leicester Museums & Galleries Children and Young People's Officer and the artist or workshop staff member.

What safeguarding procedures are in place?

Two members of staff are always present when we are working in study rooms, one of whom is DBS checked. Young Creators may work unsupervised for part of the meeting in the public areas of the Museum. We ask regular members to bring a signed permission form with emergency contact information.

Will I receive any training?

Once a year we offer a training session so young people can become volunteers across all Leicester Museums & Galleries.

What will I get out of being part of Young Creators?

You will meet people, learn about the collections, learn about handling Museum objects, work as a team and develop new skills. Participation in Young Creators is useful experience for job applications, personal statements or a CV.

What does Leicester Museums & Galleries get out of Young Creators?

Leicester Museums & Galleries wants to hear young people’s views and feedback about our plans and exhibitions. You will help to plan events and workshops for other young people at the museums.

Do I get paid for being part of Young Creators?

We don’t pay people for being involved. You would be invited to attend opening of new exhibitions.

What about photography permission?

We use photographs of Young Creators members on our blog and for other publicity uses. Your parent or carer will complete a form to sign to agree to this or please tell the group leader that you don’t want to be photographed.

Do I need to leave Young Creators when I’m over 25?

Yes – maximum age for membership is 25.

How can I join Young Creators or find out more?

Please email our Children and Young People's Officer.

What do I do if I want to stop coming or receiving emails?

If you would like to stop being part of Young Creators, or not receive emails, please email our Children and Young People's Officer.