‘ME’ by Clair Robins

Family Friendly
29 April - 28 August 2023



Photographic exhibition celebrating children’s hopes and aspirations

‘ME’ by Clair Robins

‘ME’ is a poignant exhibition of portraits of more than two dozen children from a Leicester primary school.

Photographer and visual artist Clair Robins has captured the optimism and aspirations of the 10-year-olds from Dovelands Primary School for an exhibition that’s simply called ‘ME’.

“As my daughter goes to Dovelands Primary, it seemed a natural place for me to start,” said Clair, who was born and raised in Leicester and has exhibited work all over the world.

Each of the 25 children is photographed alongside a personal object and a handwritten note, providing an insight into their personalities and their passions.

In one image, Dilly, aged 10, reveals her love for garlic bread and her ambition to be a teacher when she grows up. In another, kickboxer Natasha poses in her kickboxing gloves and declares her love for Harry Potter.

These compelling collection of images record small glimpses that both parents and children can connect with on a deeper level beyond the quick phone snapshot, or classic school photo. Not only do they tell us stories about the in-between youth of today, but most of all, they celebrate identity, passions, individuality, and humanity.

The images, digitally printed onto display panels, are presented as 25 photographic triptychs, with a further 25 portraits shown on a video loop.

The exhibition will be located in the People’s Space within the permanent Leicester Stories Gallery. It provides a space for contemporary communities to share their experiences of life in the city, their heritage, and their stories.

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